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The following websites can, and should be studied in order to find the common red thread between all of them.This type of clearer, more direct information can be, constructively, co-operatively and collectively consolidated into the Panacea-BOCAF research & educational curriculum. What this means is that anyone who proceeds to study, on their own time, these websites, and is able to combine and collect - in other words - condense - the information contained there-in, can help us progress faster and to get more air under the wings of the non-profit organization Panacea-BOCAF. 


We would appreciate your individual help - and also direct help. By individual we mean working on your own, via your own research - and by direct we mean working to help us improve our pages and to point out anything that is not missing - even creation of content for this website. Please consider contacting and support the websites mentioned below and encouraging them to support Panacea-BOCAF and your own direction towards sustainability - in order to ascertain that all our children have a positive, constructive future. If you are a part of an organization that you believe should be mentioned on this page, and/or wish to support the collective Panacea-BOCAF, please contact us.


Technical information on Open source Free Energy

(Sites dealing with technical information for replication)


Panacea Online University


Rex Research

JLN Labs

The Water Engine

Marko Rodin

Open Sourced Energy Network (OSEN)


Open sourced Solar Panels




Water Powered Car


Air Car access

Eagle research

Educate your self



Infinite -Energy

Energy 21

 Overunity UK

Forgotten Genuis


Stiffler Scientific

Dangerous Laboratories

Calloway Engines

Flying Dutchman magnetic research


 Ringwood's Free Energy' Page


Gas Gouging

Muller power

Energy show and tell



Spirit of the torah

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

Carbon good guys

crop circle language


9 months ago Comment

Techiesupdate Sameena Linux on Azure: What are your decisions? ›
10 months ago Comment

Thuy Duong Giá 1 chiếc iPad không hề rẻ, chính vì vậy mà không phải ai cũng có thể mua chúng ngay lập tức được. Tuy nhiên nếu bạn muốn thủ cảm giác được sử dụng những tiện ích mà iPad đem lại thì có thể sử dụng giả lập iPadian. Đây là 1 phần mềm được đánh giá là tốt nhất hiện nay cho những ai muốn trải nghiệm các ứng dụng, trò trơi iOS trên máy tính Windows, Mac hay Linux
1 year ago Comment

Thuy Duong Gi? l?p iPadian ???c ?nh gi l ph?n m?m t?t nh?t ch?y trn ?a n?n t?ng. N v?a c th? ch?y trn h? ?i?u hnh Windows, Mac v?a c th? ch?y ???c trn c? Linux. M?c d ci ??t h?i lu nh?ng n l?i ch?y r?t ?n ??nh, giao di?n thn thi?n v d? s? d?ng.
1 year ago Comment

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